Monday, June 15, 2009

Fathers Day

I don't celebrate Father's Day since my dad passed away in 1992 and my nanny kids are too old now for art projects but my good friend Cindy asked me for some Father's Day ideas to do with her 3 darling daughters so I consulted the best resources you could ever ask for, my circle of professional nannies.
I will be posting their ideas as they come in. The first comes from Mallette in Minnesota.

Simple but fun.
I took a picture of the kids by a rock and then write "My daddy rocks". I am hoping to make this into a button. (You can buy those at the Craft Store too) This could be a T-shirt or a picture frame. I like the $1 ones at Michael's and the kids can paint them. Or get Popsicle sticks and have the child make a frame to put the picture in.

Ok folks, that's the basic idea. Run with it,and feel free to send me the pics and I will post them here!