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Fabric Acorns: Creative Nanny Wednesday

Thanks Nanny Gael Ann for sharing the link to this fabulous tutorial on Fabric Acorns.
The perfect project for Fall.
To get the directions visit
Zemphira's Creations and see her step by step tutorial complete with pictures.
If you decide to do this activity, be sure to send us your picture!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How to Dry Leaves by Glenda Propst

Creative Nanny Wednesday
How to Dry Leaves by Glenda Propst
Fall craft ideas are a staple for any professional nanny.
There are lots of different art projects you can make with leaves but do you know how to dry leaves?
Go on a nature walk and collect some bright and beautiful leaves.
After you have gathered your leaves lay them out for a while to be sure they are not damp.
Take a sheet of newspaper and lay  paper towels on it. Then place your leaves on the paper towels.
 Take a second layer of paper towels and a sheet of newsprint and lay that on top.
Gently slide this into an old phone and  place in a dry, ventilated space. Your leaves will be dry in about a week.
You can use them for art projects or you can keep them in the phone book until Thanksgiving, take them out of the phonebook and use a Metallic Gel Pen (available at craft and scrapbook stores) to make name cards for your Thanksgiving meal.

Read more at Dried Leaf Place Cards - Martha Stewart Holidays