Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Getting Ready to celebrate Dr. Suess's Birthday on March 2

Celebrating Dr. Suess's Birthday:
by Glenda Propst , Regarding Nannies Development Team

March 2 would have been Dr. Suess’s 106th birthday.

His books are timeless and much loved by children of all ages so leading up to his birthday we wanted to share with you some fun activities you can do to go along with his books

Since today is Wednesday: Read the book Wacky Wednesday. You can do some wacky things today or you can plan to do them another Wacky Wednesday. Here are a few wacky ideas:
Wear your clothes backwards

Wear your pajamas all day

Where 2 different shoes, or 2 different socks

Wear a polka dot shirt and striped pants.

Have breakfast for lunch

Walk backwards

Choose a word you can’t say and substitute “beep” for it.

For example, if the word is drink, you would say may a have something to “beep”

There are all kinds of fun things you can do with Wacky Wednesday and Wacky Wednesday can really be any day of the week!

Read the foot book and let the kids paint with their feet, or let them create their own footbook.

Green Eggs and Ham:

Before breakfast read Green Eggs and Ham then show the children you only add food coloring to the food and then prepare the food. Talk about how the food tastes. Is it any different because of the coloring? Would you like to have green eggs from now on?

Take turns to see how many words you can rhyme.

* Create some new animals by "crossing" two--What would you get if you crossed and alligator with a giraffe?Would it be an alliraffe or a girgator? What would it look like? Can you draw it?

The Cat in the Hat

* Discuss the house rules. What are the children allowed to do or not to do especially when they are not at home with their parents.
Talk about safety?
Talk about what to do if a stranger really does come to the door.
Do all your charges know their addresses in case an emergency occurs?

There are lots of places online for more ideas of how to celebrate the books of Dr. Suess.
You might want to check out

Some of the ideas from this post came from the Worldwidenannies Yahoogroup.
We would love for you to share with us how you plan to celebrate!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Creative Nanny: Olympic Fun

Olympic Fun
by Alice Shaffer

Many nannies, charges and families have been watching the Olympics since Friday February 12 with the Opening Ceremonies.
  • Have you ever thought of what there are 5 rings?
  • How many "areas" the Winter Olympics take place on?
  • How to be on your "own" luge, bobsled and skates?

I found this awesome blog called Country Fun. The post for Tuesday February 16 is all about the Olympics!

They talk about the above questions, share a coloring page site that has Olympic coloring pages, an activity to do that involves color sorting, counting, and making your own Olympic Rings. They even made their own medals and found the various countries on a world map. This is such a great educational post that will have you and your charges busy for the remaining days of the Olympics!

Don't forget that NBC Olympics has various playbacks of all the events so that you can go and watch them to see if your luge and mogul abilities are Olympic level!

To read this blog post please visit : Olympics

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nanny Gael Ann's Paper Garland for year round decorations.

Here is another fun Valentines Day Project from Nanny Gael Ann and as always her "Creative Assistant".
This is an idea that could be adapted for any time of the year. You could Shamrocks for St. Patricks Day with 3 hearts together and green paper. You could do eggs or flowers for Easter or Spring, leaves for Fall, Snowflakes for winter. If you do use one of our ideas we would love for you to share your pictures with us.
Here is a Smilebox that will show you Nanny Gael Ann's Paper Garland. You may have to scroll down the page a little bit to see the Smilebox.

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Ground Hog Day

Tomorrow is Ground Hog Day.

This is always a fun day to share with the children in your life.

It's not too late to plan some of these fun activites.

Family Fun Magazine has a cute idea for Ground Hog Cupcakes.

Over at the Primary Games website, they have Groundhog activities, books and games and you can find even more Groundhog Day fun at the Perpetual School website.
And if you want to find out all you need to know about Groundhog Day just go to the official Ground Hog Day website