Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Creative Nanny: Olympic Fun

Olympic Fun
by Alice Shaffer

Many nannies, charges and families have been watching the Olympics since Friday February 12 with the Opening Ceremonies.
  • Have you ever thought of what there are 5 rings?
  • How many "areas" the Winter Olympics take place on?
  • How to be on your "own" luge, bobsled and skates?

I found this awesome blog called Country Fun. The post for Tuesday February 16 is all about the Olympics!

They talk about the above questions, share a coloring page site that has Olympic coloring pages, an activity to do that involves color sorting, counting, and making your own Olympic Rings. They even made their own medals and found the various countries on a world map. This is such a great educational post that will have you and your charges busy for the remaining days of the Olympics!

Don't forget that NBC Olympics has various playbacks of all the events so that you can go and watch them to see if your luge and mogul abilities are Olympic level!

To read this blog post please visit : Olympics

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CountryFun said...

Thank you for the positive comments and the link in your blog to our Olympic activities at Country Fun. It's fun seeing what everyone is doing - so much creativity out there.