Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How to Dry Leaves by Glenda Propst

Creative Nanny Wednesday
How to Dry Leaves by Glenda Propst
Fall craft ideas are a staple for any professional nanny.
There are lots of different art projects you can make with leaves but do you know how to dry leaves?
Go on a nature walk and collect some bright and beautiful leaves.
After you have gathered your leaves lay them out for a while to be sure they are not damp.
Take a sheet of newspaper and lay  paper towels on it. Then place your leaves on the paper towels.
 Take a second layer of paper towels and a sheet of newsprint and lay that on top.
Gently slide this into an old phone and  place in a dry, ventilated space. Your leaves will be dry in about a week.
You can use them for art projects or you can keep them in the phone book until Thanksgiving, take them out of the phonebook and use a Metallic Gel Pen (available at craft and scrapbook stores) to make name cards for your Thanksgiving meal.

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