Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Decorated Purell Bottles by Nanny Gael Ann and her very creative assistant.

Decorated Purell Bottles by Nanny Gael Ann and her very creative assistant.

These make great gifts for parents, grandparents, teachers, friends & co-workers.

Just start with a bottle of hand sanitizer. I got mine with the handy red tops for less than a dollar each at a local discount store called Christmas Tree Shop. Then remove the labels on the front and back. This is probably the hardest part of this project. I found that the front label peels off nicely but the back ones take some soaking and a little rubbing with some kind of solvent. I like a product called Goo Gone.
With a trip to your favorite craft store or a look in your crafting supply stash round up some fun Valentine's Day stickers and scrapbook paper. Grab a roll of double sticky tape and some ribbon for the top(s) you are ready to get started.

To make each bottle a little different (for three preschool teacher in the same classroom)using regular scrapbook paper I cut out, free- hand, a heart shape for bottle, a rounded corner rectangle to fit the front of the second bottle and a strip of paper about 2 inches wide that fit all the way around the last bottle. I used the word processing program on my computer to print out Valentine messages and a "from ___ " note for the back of each bottle. I chose a fancy font and printed in red and purple to coordinate with the scrapbook paper and attached with double sticky tape. You might have to experiment a little with the font and font size to see what looks best on the size and shape of your bottle. You can skip the scrapbook paper part if you wish, they look just as cute with all stickers.

Now for the super fun part attaching the stickers! Kids of all ages can help with this part.

With a little curly ribbon or a bow tied around the top you have a cute and practical handmade gift to give someone special on Valentine's Day! Personalized hand sanitizer bottles work great for other occasions too. Examples: Snowflake design for our kitchen counter and a smiley face design given as a get well gift.

Since we wanted you all to have the time to make these great projects we are giving two project ideas today and another one next week so that you can make lots of great creative projects for Valentines Day.

Here is your bonus project today!
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