Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sock Bunnies

Sock Bunnies
by Nanny Gael Ann and her "Creative Assistant"

The minute I saw this idea in the March issue of Family Fun magazine I knew we would be making some for spring. However, the minute I showed the page to my charge, the plan turned into we just have to make them today! So we improvised a bit on the original directions using items we already had on hand and they came out just as cute.

Things you will need:

A child's sock or two or three. Of couse, in our house the stray socks are not the spring pastel colors you think of for spring bunnies but as you can see even a nice brown sock with cars and trucks worked. The others were hastily purchased at the local discount store for 50 cents a pair.

Dried lentils is what was called for to stuff the bean bag bunnys. We had some lentils but not enough for all three bunnies so we used lentils for one and rice for the other two bodies with some fiber-fill stuffing for the head areas. You can experiment with items you have on hand for stuffing the bunnies. Any type of small beans, popcorn (unpoped) or even sand would work.

A rubber band (one for each bunny) is what the magazine directions called for but not finding a small rubber band in the kitchen drawer we found a short piece of pipecleaner did the trick.

Ribbon (narrow worked better than wide)


Felt scraps in black, pink and white for the facial features (eyes, nose and bunny teeth). We used felt for some and craft foam for other parts. Having some wiggle eyes the right size on hand made the eyes easy.

White or colored pom-pom or cotton ball

Tacky glue was on the original list of supplies but we did not use it, because waiting for things to dry is not popular around here, instead we used mini glue dots which are so much more child friendly. I think using a hot glue gun would also get the job done nicely (adult only job).


1. To make a sock bunny, fill a child's sock with lentils or beans or rice up to just past the heel. Close the sock with a tightly looped rubber band or a small piece of pipecleaner.

2. To create the head and neck, tie a ribbon around the sock just below the heel.

3. Use scissors to cut the sock's cuff into two ears, rounding the edges to give them the right shape.

4. Cut a nose, teeth, and eyes from felt or craft foam. Attach the facial features and a white pom-pom or cotton ball for a tail with tacky glue, hot glue (adult job only) or mini glue dots.

The End


Anonymous said...

These are adorable! I'm going to make some for the grandkids! I think though (since I have special needs grandson) I will try to make them more lovable and child safe. How about a zip tie instead of a pipecleaner/rubberband? Less likely to break and come off. Then (because my grandkids are over 3) I would use buttons for eyes and nose and the felt just for the teeth.

Just g said...

Great idea Ginger!