Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cowboy Day

This week we will talk about Cowboy Day.

Cowboy Day was enjoyed by all. We all wore our cowboy hats and cowboy boots if we had them. We wore bandanas around our necks and we all had clip on sheriff badges.

We made vests. We took brown paper bags, cut them up the middle, cut out arm holes and a neck space and fringed the bottom for our rootin tootin cowboy vests.

Then we panned for gold.We filled the wading pool with a shallow amount of water, and sand. We added lots of toys and trinket type treasures.We took small rocks and painted them gold.We gave the kids aluminum pie pans with holes poked in the bottom and let the kids pan for gold.
For lunch we ate out of aluminum pie pans. We had baked beans and hot dogs sitting on the floor around the pretend campfire.
We put blankets over the chairs and created tents to sleep in during our "pretend night" under the stars.
We sat around the campfire (made of blocks) and sang songs like
"She'll be Coming Round the Mountain"
"Home on the Range".
Red River Valley
and Yellow Rose of Texas.

Cowboy day was a great memory. There are lots of things you can do and kids of all ages can join in the fun.

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nannysarah said...

I love love LOVE this idea!!!

Sounds like ya'll had lots of fun! This will for sure be something I try in the future!