Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Princess Day

What little girl doesn't like to pretend to be a princess.
When my now 10 year old charge was about 3 or 4, we started a summer tradition by inviting 2 or 3 of her friends over and proclaiming it to be"Princess Day"
We always started Princess Day out by making a crown. I usually got silver and gold card stock and had the crown already pre-cut. (Today I think you can probably go out and buy pre cut crowns out of card stock or fun foam at a party store) We would decorate our crowns with glitter and rhinestones and while that dried, we would work on our magic wands.
As the girls got older there was more that they could do but the basics for the magic wand were:
Long bamboo sticks
Pre Cut Felt Stars with adhesive on the back (Pink or White)
Shimmery Curling Ribbon
We took our bamboo stick (pointy end up and removed the adhesive backing from the felt stars. Laid one star on the table, laid the bamboo stick in the middle of it, and put the other star on top of it.
Then we attached curly streamers to the points of the stars and around the handle of the stick.
For lunch, we had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cut into heart and flower shapes. We also had carrot sticks and ranch dip and for desert we had strawberry short cake with whip cream and pink and purple sprinkles.
After lunch we pulled out the dress up bin, put on our crowns, waved our magic wands around, put on some ooh lah lah dress up shoes and read the book "The Princess and the Pea"
Then we played our own version of Princess and the Pea.
We took the 6 cushions off the couch, put them in 3 stacks of 2. We took a small rubber ball and hid it under one of the cushions.
The princesses would hide their eyes one at a time. Then they had to come in, and see if they could figure out which set of cushions the pea was under.
Another year, I took a frog shaped candle and we played "Find the Frog"One person hid the frog and the others had to look for it.

The last year we did Princess Day the girls were 7. We did all the above activities and we also made a picture frame. We decorated it with rhinestones and letter beads and then after we got the pictures back we put them in our picture frame.
My little princess is almost 11 years old now. She goes to sleep away camp and flies on an airplane by herself. She outgrew Princess day many years ago, but today when I called her on the phone to ask her to help me remember what we did on that special day, she remembered it all with great detail.
Whether you are a parent or a nanny, our kids grow up so fast. We wonder where the time goes. Our memories and a few pictures are all we have to remind us of those wonderful, happy, carefree summers.
Embrace the moments!

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