Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesdays Creative Nanny: Scrapcoloring

Scrapcoloring is not only a site for coloring pages, but you can also create names that you can decorate and print. Another really fun feature of this site is that you can color them online with a variety of colors, patterns and two toned gradients.
Whether you are a professional nanny, mom, teacher or grandparent, this site is just fun, and useful for lots of things. is an innovative concept dreamed and developed by Elsa (kindergarden / elementary school teacher) and Stephane (software engineer).In their quest to find coloring pages for their 3 children, they discovered that there was not a lot of room for creativity offered in online coloring sites.
Their goal was to reinvent online coloring, allowing kids to color not only with basic flat colors, but also with fabrics, papers, textures, patterns and gradients. They wanted to allow them to also create and test new patterns very easily, to choose their colors and size. The ScrapColoring concept was born!

Scrapcoloring provides more freedom to the young artists, and enables them to sharpen their coloring skills, as they have to carefully draw between the lines in order to obtain a beautiful result. With ScrapColoring, online coloring becomes creative, artistic, and very fun! Stephane and Elsa hope that your kids will like our site.
Stephane and Elsa ask you to
Please leave feedback, share ideas and suggestions and also share the colored pictures made by our young visitors. If amongst our readers there are some people who like to draw, we could try to transform your images to our online coloring pages.
Don’t forget to tell your friends, share this blog post on facebook and twitter and link it to your blogs and websites. With winter upon us, we will all be looking for creative entertainment for kids of all ages, scrapcoloring is the perfect way to enhance creativity and learn about color and shapes at the same time.

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