Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Creative Wednesday: Fun with Contact Paper!

A Great Craft Project For Every Holiday
By Alice Shaffer

This is a fun craft for children ages 2 and up, and you can make it to fit any holiday. For Halloween you can make spooky bats & cats, and colorful pumpkins. For Christmas you can make trees or stars; for Thanksgiving a turkey or pilgrim. You can also make animals or any other object.

This example shows how to create a Fall tree.

Things you’ll need:
- Clear contact paper (1 - 2 rolls)
- Scissors
- Colored tissue paper (choose color that fits holiday)
- Hole punch
- String / yarn
- Construction paper
- Your and your charges’ imaginations


1 .Trace a shape of a tree with branches onto a piece of construction paper and cut it out
2. With two pieces of contact paper laying ontop of each other, cut out a "tree top leaves" shape.
3. Tear little squares or pieces green, red, yellow, orange etc., tissue paper. The kids can do whatever they like they can ball them up into little balls, or just make little square shapes etc. There is no right or wrong with tearing :)
4. Peel off one of the tree tops from the contact paper
5. Place your construction paper tree with branches on the sticky part of the "tree top leaves" shape.
6. Place the little pieces of colored tissue paper on it to create “leaves.” Use your imagination.

5. Peel off the second "tree top leaves"shape from the contact paper and place it on top of the other tree.

6. Punch a hold in the top of the tree top. String the yarn through the hole.

Hang tree in your favorite window to create your own “stained glass” Fall Leaves tree.
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