Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Camp Nanny

by Kellie Geres
Regarding Nannies Development Team

One of the best times I had as a nanny was the time I spent with twins in Atlanta. An amazing group of nannies in the area that in the summer, put together Camp N.A.N.N.Y (Neat Activities planned by Nifty Nannies for You – catchy huh!)

The organizers of Camp N.A.N.N.Y created a summer of events and outings for participants to ensure a fun summer for all! For a small fee ($10 per family) you got access to their calendar of events, a custom designed t-shirt, contact list of participating nannies and children and the opportunity to attend any or all planned events.

Some of the events included …
A tour of the local fire department and lessons in fire safety and goodies (fire hat, stickers, books, etc.) for the kids.
A visit to an exotic animal shelter, personalized tour and picnic.
Pool day at a local nannies swim club.
Visit to a local community airport, tour and lunch at the restaurant while watching the planes come in.

Nanny Karen Yatsko has planned three weeks this summer for her 11 year old charge and six of her friends’ ages 10-12 years. Camp Karen (her boss came up with the name) events include …
Monday, Wednesday and Friday are craft days and Tuesday and Thursday are for cooking. Outings include goofy golf, movies, tie-dye t-shirts, volunteering at a local animal shelter, bowling and NEW this year is Geo-Caching ( Camp Karen is so popular there has been a waiting list! The parents pay a fee to cover costs, Karen plans out a calendar in advance and everyone has a great time!

Want to plan your own Camp NANNY?
Come up with a name.
Determine camp costs … printing, mailing, t-shirts, misc. supplies, venue costs.
Determine cost to join.
Gather info on area attractions, community venues, kid friendly attractions.
Create registration packet.
Plan your calendar of events.
Get the word out to area nannies, nanny group members about your summer plans.
Have FUN!

Next week, we’ll bring you theme ideas and more summer camp ideas you can use to make this the best summer ever for your kids and charges.

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