Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Simple Ideas for Bento-ing

Yesterday Bonnie Mills shared with us her love of Bento Boxes. Today I am going to share a few links with you that have ideas on how to do Bento with your children or your charges.
I highly recommend the Kawaii Bento Club.
They will introduce to the basics of Bento, give you simple ideas to get you started.
Here are a couple of fun and simple ideas from Bento Blogs  that you can get started with and if you decide to try "bento ing" let us know! We would love to see your own creations!The first one is from the "Eye Candy Blog" These cute little mozzarella and cherry tomato sticks are simple to make and healthy to eat.

The second one is these cute little penguins made from hard boiled eggs, carrots, and olives.
The instructions can be found on "Taste of Home Blog"

The last one is these corn dog mice. You will find the instructions on the "Enslaved by Fairies Blog"
Happy Bento-ing!