Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Creative Nanny Wednesday: Introducing Children to Classical Music

Introducing Classical Music to Kids Part 1

by Cindy Wilkinson

Have you ever wondered where to find some new ideas for introducing your child to classical music? We have all heard of the upbeat Hooked On Classics CDs. And most likely you have also heard of the Baby Einstein classical CDs for kids, such as Baby Mozart and Baby Bach. While these are all wonderful CDs and ones your child will certainly enjoy, there are many other resources out there which you may also want to explore.
This blog will be the the first in a series of three in which I will be sharing some wonderful ways to introduce the world of classical music to your child. Both this blog and the second in this series will feature amazing websites you will definitely want to visit. In the final blog, we will explore some creative hands-on activities which can be done at home or at school, enabling children to experience the magic of classical music!

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Cindy also has another great article on More Ways to Introduce Classical Music  so be sure that you don't miss any of the links.
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