Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Too busy to be creative

Well, I am realizing that blogging is a time commitment and when life gets crazy, I forget to do it.

Since the Holiday season is upon us, I thought I would share the Christmas trees I did for our Holiday Party last year.

One is vegetables and one fruit. I had this idea in my head after seeing and falling in love with the Edible Arrangements. Much to my surprise they went together very easily and they were a big hit at the party.

I bought 2 big Styrofoam Cones at Michaels and completely covered them with green Saran Wrap.

Then I bought bags of vegetables that were already cut. (It was definitely worth the extra money to buy the cut veggies, it saved me a lot of time) I used one Broccolli, one Cauliflower, one Snap peas and a bag of baby Carrots. Then I simply put them on foo foo sticks (those little toothpicks with frilly cellophane on the end) I started at the bottom with snap peas and worked my way up filling in space and trying to keep things even ,alternating broccoli, beans and carrots. Then I went back with cherry tomatoes and stuck them around to look like ornaments.
For the top of the tree I used a star fruit.
For the Fruit tree, I used Clementines, Pineapple, Red and Green grapes and Red and Green Maraschino cherries for the ornament detail.
After the trees were assembled I dropped them down into one of those XL Ziploc bags and put them in my car in the garage over night because they would not fit in the frig.
I have to say that my 9 year old charge, and all my nieces and nephews loved them and they were definitely a conversation piece.
Seldom do the ideas that come to me at 3 AM actually work exactly the way I envision them but this one did!

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