Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Turkey Puppet

This is a little puppet I made with my now 9 year old when she was 4. When she was 4, she went to Pre School 2 days a week but Monday was always craft day for us and even now when we get together we love to be Creative.

This puppet is perfect to take an on airplane or in the car or just about anywhere and we enjoyed using it with lots of Thanksgiving fingerplays and songs.

I bought cheap little stretch gloves for $1 ( You can find these at most discount stores or Dollar Stores. I made a pattern with card stock and then I just cut two sets of feathers out of felt and fringed the edges a little.
My gloves came with little cardboard inserts and I just covered them with aluminum foil and slid them back inside so that the fingers didn't get glued together.
Then we glued the feathers on. You might even be able to find felt that already has the sticky backing on it so all you have to do is stick them on but I used a hot glue gun. I am sure you could also use any kind of fabric glue. I used clothespin clips to hold the feathers in place until they were dry and then we flipped it over and did the same thing on the other side.
Don't forget a beak and a gobbler.
Then I drew on details and let her use the glitter paint to decorate.

We finished with a googly eye. There is nothing like a googly eye to bring a project to life.
Here is a fingerplay and a song to get you started. A google search for "Turkey Fingerplays" will give you lots more!"

I have a turkey, big and fat.(Make a fist with one hand-thumb Out for turkey's head)
He spreads his tail and walks like that.(Attach "tail" by spreading Out fingers of other hand and join together)
His daily corn he would not miss.(Poke with thumb at floor)
And when he talks, it sounds like this:Gobble Gobble Gobble
My favorite Turkey song that I remember from my childhood:

A turkey sat on a barnyard fence and he sang this sad sad tune.
Thanksgiving day is coming gobble gobble gobble. I'm afraid I will be eaten soon.
Oh gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble gobble gobble. I would like to run away.
Gobble, gobble gobble gobble gobble gobble gobble, I don't like Thanksgiving day!

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Kristen said...

Love this craft project. I did it with two of my charges and they loved it. It was so easy. I am going to do the Turkey Puppet with my son this year. He loves he grandma, the creative nanny.