Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Coloring Pages 24

Today we are sharing with you a website created by Jimmy Hoog from Sweden.At the site visitors can print and color more than 2000 images for free. Mr. Hoog developed this site because he wanted easy and clean, printable coloring pages with no advertising.

It is very easy to find pictures to color on the site.

All of the pictures are suitable for children.

Jimmy Hoog is a web developer and he designed his coloring pages site to be user friendly for parents, children, nannies and preschool educators.
A computer, a printer and crayons is all you need. If you would like to save the image on your own computer, just click the "green plus" icon at the top right corner of each image. The icon will now turn red. Go to "My Images" written in blue at top of the site. Your saved images will show up there :)
Mr. Hoog is also working on developing another function where children can upload their colored images and have them presented on the website.
If you go to:
You can use the images to learn some new words. It’s also a great way to teach the alphabet, create a matching game or even make your own flashcards.

Theme based images: can be used during Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, birthdays etc.

My favorite feature on the site is that you can change the size of the image just by clicking on the user friendly resizing tool.

With more than 2000 images you are likely to find lots of things you can use on this website. The website is also updated with new images frequently. This is one you will want to bookmark to use over and over again.
Check it out:

Jimmy Höög is a 30 year old web developer from Sweden. is his latest project.

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