Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How to Make a Smilebox!

Smilebox Basic is free and I used it satisfactorily for over a year before my employers upgraded me to the Smilebox Club. It is only $5.99/month or $39.99/year and gives you access to unlimited premium Smilebox designs, lets you choose from additional music selections or download music from your own collection. You can try Smilebox Club free for a 14 day trial and cancel anytime. Smilebox Club members can also send their creations without ads (full screen), print keepsakes and burn DVD's to be played on regular TV. You can also buy the cards individually for about $2.99.
A new feature, just added this month, allows you to view Smileboxes on a digital frame using a memory stick. What a super gift idea for the upcoming holiday season! Handy suggestion: Smilebox has a design called Simply Calendar that would be the perfect format for cute photos taken throughout the year. The other day, after returning from having dinner out, I asked my preschool charge if he liked the new restaurant we had tried. He replied, "Yes, can I see the Smilebox?" Check out and get ready to send some smiles! Here is an example of one of the Smileboxes that Nanny Gael Ann created.

Click to play this Smilebox invite: Thankyou firestation
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CradleYourPet said...

do you have a suggestion or have a list to choose from all their songs when making a slideshow? I am just looking for easy way to choose from all their songs instead of going to each genre like looking for a father/little girl song?

CradleYourPet said...

do you have a suggestion or easy way to choose a song for a slideshow instead of going through each genre & playing? do they have a list. I am looking for a father/little girl song?thanks!